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Room2 1 James Street
78 Beasley Road
Whangarei, WHANGAREI
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Opening Hours

Tue ans Thur
6am - 1:30pm

Wed and Fri
12noon - 8pm

Sat morning available, booking essential.

Try acupuncture, it is a natural way to restore your body functions, bring you back to balance, recover fast.

Chinese Acupuncturist in Whangarei, trained in China with a 5 Year Bachelor Degree in Medicine. ACC treatment Provider. Member of Acupuncture New Zealand. A discussion about your health issues and needs followed by Pulse Reading. This will determine what course of acupuncture treatment you will be suggested.

Please book your appointment online.

Download the form and fill it up then send back to me before your visit will save your time, and I can understand your health better before we start to help you.



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