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    10 October at 11:14 from atlas

    There is regular update of Desan and me on our facebook page. Please follow it @DesanHealth if you do use facebook.

    So far 3 books published via Amazon. I am writing another book, Healing Power Within - Human Body Ecosystem. It will take longer than the other books as I want to make it simple to read, easy to understand, easy to accept by the hard-core scientists.

    The more I study health, the more I realize how limited my knowledge is. The human body is so incredible. It can do everything if we really want it to. Remaining healthy is so simply and easy for it if we provide the right conditions. The human body is an ecosystem which always puts in as little effort as possible to maintain balance.

    Symptoms are the language the body is communicating with us. So, be a partner with your body and listen to what it would like you to work on as a being.

    In August, I attended the Acupuncture Conference in Wellington and was a speaker for Healing Power Within.

    In September, I attended the Social Investment Agency meeting. I would like to see the Happiness Index with the GDP as the measurements for our nation's progression.

    Last week, I sent letters to the Queen and Dame Patsy Reddy about the Happiness Index issue too.

    I truly believe that our body has healing power within. This power is throughout nature, in equilibrium. Everyone is unique, and we all are able to enjoy what we love to do, like an ecological niche. This earth will continue to rotate the sun and keep moving in space no matter what condition the ecosystem is in. If we totally ruin the conditions for us to survive as human, there will be other forms of living species starting again. And the human species will be like dinosaurs in the history of the earth. Please start looking after our environment. Reduce our consumption, live simply. Compost at home, reduce green waste to the landfill.

    5R: refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, and rot.

    Happiness comes from within. It will stay longer and be more fulfilling than joys from material goods or power.

    Be yourself, be the best of yourself, enjoy life as a learning journey. Be good and happy.


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